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Discount Plan

Affordable Comprehensive Dental Coverage for those without insurance!  A plan with significant discounts with no waiting period, no annual limits, no paperwork hassles, no need to file insurance claims all for about $24 per month.  Using this plan for check-ups and cleanings will save your family over $350 per child per year.

Annual Membership Benefits

  • Two (2) Semi-Annual Examinations
  • Two (2) Prophylactic Dental Cleanings
  • One (1) Complete Set of Radiographs
  • 25% Off All Other Diagnostics and X-ray Films
  • 25% Discount Off All Restorative Dental Care (Including Cosmetic Care)
  • 25% Off Nitrous Oxide & Moderate Sedation
  • 10% Off Office-Based General Anesthesia
  • 10% Off All In-House Prescriptions & Products
  • Free Unlimited Emergency Examinations
  • Free Orthodontic Consultation With In-House Diagnostic Radiographic Records
  • 10% Off All Orthodontic Dental Care


Annual Costs:

Individual Child $300
Two Children $540 (or $270/child)
Three Children $720 (or $240/child)
Four Children $900 (or $225/child)
Five Children $1,077 (or $215.40/child)
Six Children $1,200.00 (or $200/child)